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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is a process in which a registered Physician works with an individual to assess his or her dietary intake and identify areas where change is needed.

Doctor Giving Nutrition Counseling

Who Is the Physician

The Physicians at Life Chiropractic have a history of nutrition and clinical experience. Our nutrition counselorĀ provides nutrition information, educational materials, support, and follow-up to help the individual make and maintain the needed dietary changes.

What Occurs in an Appointment

A dietitian will review your health goals and any medical conditions you might have. They will ask you about what you eat and assess your diet in relation to your goals and your health. Education and information are provided on how diet is related to the prevention and/or treatment of disease. Sometimes a person already has a good idea of what changes are needed but may require help making the changes. The nutrition counselor and client work together to identify areas where change is needed, prioritize changes, and problemā€solve as to how to make the changes. Making dietary changes is a gradual process. An individual may start with one or two easier dietary changes the first few weeks and gradually make additional or more difficult changes over several weeks or months.

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